Councillors Majid Mahmood and Mariam Khan present the Sustainability Team at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium with Modeshift STARS Accreditation certificate pitch side

Go Green Game cut match CO2 by a third, report finds

Edgbaston’s Go Green Game – the first sustainable international match of its kind – cut carbon emissions by more than a third, a detailed report has found.

The stadium made wholesale changes to its match day operation for the England and New Zealand IT20 on 3 September, supported by commercial partners National Express West Midlands and Drax.

Measures included a Modeshift STARS Approved Travel Plan.

Birmingham Councillors Miriam Khan and Majid Mahmood presented the The Approved Modeshift STARS accreditation certificate to Sustainability team at Edgbaston Stadium, pitch side ahead of the match.

National Express West Midlands provided free bus travel to and from the stadium for ticket holders, while the game was powered exclusively by wind, hydro and solar energy sourced by Drax.

A final report into the impact of the game has found it emitted 33.7 per cent less carbon than the initial forecast which was based comparable major match day in 2022.

A detailed forecast of the climate impact of the game, carried out in January 2023, projected a footprint of 494 tonnes of CO2 before the implementation of any reduction activity. The actual calculation, completed after the event and reflecting the reduction activity undertaken, showed the carbon footprint was lowered to 327.79 tonnes.

The forecast, reduction planning and reconciliation report were carried out by climate action  specialists Net Zero Now.

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