Over the last few week’s we have been presenting a range of speakers who will be presenting at the Modeshift Annual Convention from leading organisations who are at the forefront of sustainable and active travel promotion.

This week we focus on Day one, Session Three –Team Modeshift in Action’

In this session Team Modeshift members will deliver fast-paced Pecha-Kucha presentations to showcase the work they are doing.

  • We hear from Adi Roser at Hackney presenting ‘Lessons on running a public hire service for cargo bikes’
  • David Eliot Cooper of Histrionics and Ryan Procter Staffordshire present ‘Hiking with a Viking’
  • Alison Holland – ‘Bettering Travel In Kettering’
  • Ewhen Chymera & Becky Murray – ‘Scootember – remember, remember to scoot in September’
  • Ben Stokes & Alice Thatcher – ‘E-Cycles switch – a new way to increase active travel?’

Find out more about some of our amazing speakers!

Name: Ryan Procter

Organisation: School Travel Advisor, Staffordshire Council 









Ryan Procter is a School Travel Advisor working with Air Quality Schools in Staffordshire since 2018.
The award-winning work has helped to support many schools cut car use and improve active travel & air quality in the worst affected areas of the county. 

Name: David Elliot-Cooper

Organisation: Director & Founder, Histrionics

David-Eliot Cooper is the Director and Founder of the interactive, performance history company, Histrionics. He created the company 11 years ago and now spends most of his time touring the UK acting, writing, sword-fighting, event hosting and wearing armour and unusual clothes.

Name: Alison Holland

Organisation: Founder, Brightwayz social enterprise

A regular speaker at Modeshift conferences and an honorary member, Alison runs Brightwayz social enterprise – which is all about promoting safe, active, sustainable everyday travel for all through the products, projects and information they provide. Originally a ‘walking bus mum’ she now has 18 years’ experience running Brightwayz; designing products, delivering local projects and she enjoys sharing ideas with others in the sector.

Name: Ben Stokes

Organisation: Travel Planning Officer, City of York Council

‘I’ve just finished working as a Travel Planning Officer for the City of York Council. My work focussed mainly on managing active travel projects, with my core interest and motivation being to improve the environment through carbon reduction. I’ve also been the Modeshift Regional Executive for the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber since November 2021

Name: Alice Thatcher

Organisation: Travel Planning Officer, City of York Council 

‘’I am a Travel Planning Officer for the City of York Council. My work focusses particularly on making sustainable travel more accessible to underrepresented groups in York.  I am currently enjoying running a cycle training programme with the women who attend York Mosque, along with their young children!’’



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