This week we Focus on Day One of the Modeshift Annual Convention

This year’s theme is “Sustainable and Active Travel: Planning, Delivery, Partnerships and Inclusivity”. Our two day Convention will bring together industry professionals from a range of sectors to showcase and share best practice. Modeshift will present a range of speakers from leading organisations who are at the forefront of sustainable and active travel promotion.

Session One: Review of National Travel Programmes

We welcome representatives from two successful Access Fund Programmes, sharing the planning, partnerships, delivery, results and lessons learned.

The DFT will also give a presentation on the impact of Cycle City Ambition programme and research on public attitudes to Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

Session Two: Creating places for Sustainable and Active Travel

We hear from speakers on the role of walking and cycling and electric micromobility. This talk we will include insights from research over the past decade or more on walking and cycling in the UK context and how it can be supported and promoted.

Transport for New Homes – What is going wrong and how to put it right. Transport for New Homes have produced two influential research reports in 2019 and 2021 which give an account of the quality of provision of transport at new housing in England.

Designing electric vehicle charging programmes –  In this talk we’ll listen about the principles, with case studies, to showcase how to design and implement the perfect EV charging programme.

Session Three: Audience specific breakout sessions

Engaging educational establishments/Engaging business and community settings

We will hear about behaviour change programmes, reward challenges and sites that have achieved Modeshift STARS accreditation.

Session Four: Inclusive Sustainable Travel

Better Journeys by Rail

Transport Planning Bursary paper – Paving the way to road accessibility

Ride with Pride

Session Five: Keynote Presentations

Practical steps to decarbonise transport, the talk will focus on walking, cycling and bus network planning and also cover best practice in the design of streets.


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