Modeshift will be introducing an inspiring Active Travel Champion each week throughout Black History Month to celebrate every day people inspiring every day journeys.

A celebration of walking and cycling during Black History Month and beyond!

This week we meet Richard Liston, Active Travel Champion


Tell us about you and your active journey, who you are, where you live and whether you are heels or wheels?

My name is Richard Liston. I live in Bromley and ride to Finsbury Park and Regent’s Park as Head Coach for Islington Cycling Club’s Youth Programme.

Where do you roll? How far is the journey, where do you go, how often and who with and do you have a favourite journey, destination or route?

The distance from home to either park is about 20km, and I complete that once a week. I also coach the youth at Lee Valley Velo Park in Stratford, usually on a Tuesday evening. My favourite journey is anywhere I can go on my bike.

What motivates you to ride? When did it all start? Why do travel this way? Is there someone who inspires you and how does it make you feel?

I have been riding for most of my life. My dad was a track cyclist in Jamaica, and he encouraged the whole family to ride. I never stopped.

How do you champion the cause?  What words of encouragement or advice would you give someone to follow in your tyre tracks?

I am a British Cycling coach, therefore I encourage others because I want to share the benefits of cycling, being mindfulness, for fitness or for simply fun with your mates.


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