Celebrating Black History Month

This week we continue our celebration of the contribution that black people have made and continue to make to create a better, more inclusive and well run transport system, as well as the contribution they have and are making to active travel and keeping air pollution on the agenda.

Asquith Xavier who became the first black guard at Euston Station


In 1966, Asquith Xavier became the first black guard at Euston Station, overturning a “colour bar” which prevented black workers from being employed in certain grades.  In September 2020 a plaque to honour a railway worker was unveiled.

Asquith Xavier is also the Great Grandfather of  Kayden Anselm, Apprentice Engineer at Islington Council. Kayden’s work has included their EV charging programme, bike hangars and School Streets.  This really is a special story keeping transport and sustainable travel in the family.


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