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BetterPoints may reduce short car journeys by as much as 10%

In the UK, most journeys under two miles are made by car. BetterPoints is working with clients on innovations that not only identify those car journeys but actively encourage, reward and support their drivers to use alternative modes of transport.

Early results are very promising, suggesting a 10% drop in short car journeys where BetterPoints intervene.

Encouragingly, around a third of regular UK car drivers want to switch to cheaper, more sustainable transport for short journeys, according to Kwik Fit. But without support to change their behaviour, the gap between what people say they want and what they actually do can be extremely wide. BetterPoints are working hard to help people make that change – and stick to it.

BetterPoints are a Modeshift Partner and are doing fantastic things to help local authorities, businesses and universities to change the way people behave for better health, transport and climate. Visit BetterPoints Ltd for more information.

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