predominantly mid-blue graphic. Main text on the graphic “Practical Ways to Challenge Discriminatory Cycle Barriers Webinar” Date: Wednesday, 1st November 2023, Time: 6pm-8pm, Place: Zoom. In orange box: “Campaigner Dr Kay Inckle (Wheels for Wellbeing) and solicitor Ryan Bradshaw (Leigh Day) talk through some practical ways to challenge discriminatory cycle barriers.” The graphic is illustrated with, towards the right, a picture of Kay Inckle using her hand cycle and a picture of Ryan Bradshaw seated in a conference room, both as circular pictures. Graphic includes at the bottom on the left hand side the Leigh Day logo and the Wheels for Wellbeing logo with a strap line “Removing barriers to cycling”.

Wheels for Wellbeing webinars

Don’t let cycle barriers hinder anyone: Join Wheels for Wellbeing and Ryan Bradshaw, disability rights activist & Leigh Day solicitor, on Wednesday 1 November for a webinar on practical ways to overcome discriminatory cycle barriers.

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Wheels for Wellbeing are arranging further webinars throughout November. At 6pm – 8pm, on Wednesday 8 and Wednesday 15 November, focusing on working with Councillors, and then MPs, respectively, to get improvements in the provision for Disabled people cycling. Booking details coming soon.

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