We are delighted to introduce Ian Skinner to the Modeshift Executive Board as our new Strategy and Planning Executive. Ian joins Modeshift following our recent acquisition of Act TravelWise, where he was previously the Chair.

Read on to find out more about Ian and his aims for Modeshift as we head into a new Membership year as a larger organisation.

Position: Strategy and Planning Executive.

Year joined the Modeshift Management Board: 2022

Place of work: Independent consultant working through my company Transport and Environmental Policy Research (TEPR).

Career history: After finishing my PhD in the implementation of sustainable transport policy at University College London in 1998, I worked at the Institute for European Environmental Policy for nine years. I started in IEEP’s London office as a Research Officer on transport and climate change policy, before becoming a Research Associate and spending a year at IEEP’s Brussels office. In 2007 I joined AEA Technology (the predecessor of Ricardo Energy & Environment) as a Principal Consultant working in the sustainable transport team. I left AEA in 2009 to work as an independent consultant through my company TEPR, where I work on various different aspects of low carbon and sustainable transport policy.       

Why did you join the Modeshift Management Board: I joined the Modeshift Board, as a result of Modeshift’s acquisition of Act TravelWise in 2022. I had joined Act TravelWise’s Board in 2019, where I acted as Treasurer. I joined Act TravelWise’s board as I wanted to work towards giving a higher profile for sustainable and active travel in the UK. I felt that cycling and walking, and to a lesser extent public transport, were not given sufficient profile or policy attention (at least until recently). With Modeshift, I want to continue to improve the profile of sustainable and active travel in the UK, particularly in the context of addressing transport’s contribution to climate change.     

Outside of Modeshift: I live on the South Coast and love walking, cycling and relaxing by the sea, as well as on the South Downs. I also enjoy eating out and visiting galleries and exhibitions that both Brighton and London offer. At home, I enjoy reading and listening to music. I play football and badminton, when I can, and also practice tai chi.

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