Play Streets Collaboration for Modeshift Partner Brightkidz.

Giving children the opportunity to play out safely in their own neighbourhoods away from traffic is even more important as we come out of lockdown. It can give them a chance to learn to scoot or cycle near their own homes too.

Play streets are a way to do this officially and are something residents can organise in their own street.  These short, temporary road closures, usually organised by residents on their own street or estate, are being promoted by national organisation Playing Out – to help children of all ages access the space, time, and freedom to play outside this summer.

Modeshift partner Brightkidz social enterprise, have just announced their new partnership with Playing Out organisation to support the implementation and promotion of these. This includes supplying Play Street packs (£66.50 ex vat) with all the information, leaflets, equipment (and even a giant skipping rope!) to help get a play street started.

To find out more visit Brightwayz.

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