Modeshift interviewed partner Joju Charging, who provide a complete service to councils looking to provide EV charging infrastructure in their regions

What does your service to councils include? 

  • Full feasibility studies to determine the best locations for EV charge points, carbon savings, NOx and PM10 emissions reduced, and estimated financials
  • Electrical design and procurement
  • Installation by our in-house teams of electricians
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • The option of fully funded charge point programmes via 3rd party finance from our finance partner Mer (Part of Norwegian utility Statkraft)
  • Promotion of your schemes and PR support

What are you working on now and what’s next?

What aren’t we working on!  We’re working with over 100 councils now at various stages of project development.  Recent schemes including fast and rapid chargers have been built for Southampton, Hampshire, Winchester, Barnsley, Surrey, Bournemouth and Avon Fire and Rescue.  We’re also heavily involved in installing lamp post chargers for those areas without off street parking – and have 1000 units going in in Hounslow, Kingston, and Merton.

It’s not all councils though – we also support businesses with their EV chargepoint needs.  We’ve just installed some charge points for the Bluebell Steam Railway – a perfect demonstrator of old and new transport technologies.

We’ve also got some exciting niche projects coming up – looking at how we can electrify waste collection services, and exploring possibilities for using EV charge points for non-vehicle power – such as market traders and ice cream vans!

What do you like about being a Modeshift Partner?

We’re obviously heavily involved in the electrification of transport, and we think there’s a simplistic solution within our sector where you just throw in charge points everywhere.   We’re not sure that’s completely desirable, so we’d love to explore how EV charging infrastructure can be integrated with other low carbon transport measures – to provide a better service with less infrastructure.  How could EV charging infrastructure work with car clubs?  Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and Barcelona Blocks?  Park and Rides?  We’d love to hear from other members.

How can we find out more?

Visit Joju.

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