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Implementing sustainable travel solutions in new residential developments

A case study on New Lubbesthorpe

Thursday 16 November 2023 10am – 11am 
Microsoft Teams

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Join GO Travel Solutions, Martin Ward on behalf of The Drummond Trust, Vectare, and Blaby District Council for an insightful discussion of the New Lubbesthorpe case study, a sustainable urban extension comprising of 4,250 homes, community facilities and employment space. Some 970 homes are occupied to date. This event offers a unique opportunity to delve into the collaborative efforts to grow sustainable travel take-up.

On behalf of the Drummond Trust, GO Travel Solutions was appointed five years ago as travel plan coordinators, tasked with introducing a range of sustainable travel measures and innovative community engagement tools aimed at fostering the adoption of sustainable travel practices within the pioneering New Lubbesthorpe community.

Unlike many previous housing developments in the UK, where car dependency has surged, a recent travel survey has revealed a 20% decrease in single-car occupancy journeys at the site, accompanied by a doubling of bus usage in the past year.

This webinar will cover the following key topics:

• How to increase public transport take-up in new developments.
• Maximising a section 106 contribution.
• How to grow community engagement in sustainable travel.
• Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) versus fixed route services – the pros and cons of each.
• What sustainable travel measures can be introduced into a new development.
• Lessons learnt from travel plan coordination – what’s worked and what’s not.

The webinar is free and open to all. It will be of particular interest to: 

Developers – seeking to assess and fulfil sustainable transport planning conditions for developments including section 106.
House builders and housing associations – looking to fulfil travel planning obligations and support place making with new communities.
Planners from local authorities and consultancies – in understanding the range of sustainable travel measures available that can be applied and the approach that can be taken.
Public transport operators and officers from local authorities – seeking to achieve viable bus services and understand the pros and cons of DRT versus fixed route bus services.
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