Week 10 of our interviews featuring each of our Board Members.  This week you can find out more about Jen Holden, Modeshift’s North West Regional Representative.

How long have you been involved in sustainable travel?

I have been involved in sustainable travel since back in 2008 when I joined Rochdale Council’s Sustainability Team and was responsible for travel planning. Since then, I have always worked in the wider transport sector, with policy roles at Oldham Council, Transport for Greater Manchester and most recently DfT.

What have you most enjoyed about your job?

In the various different places I have worked, I’ve always really enjoyed the helping people aspect of the job – from seeing some of the successes of learn to ride cycle sessions to helping people back into employment with discounted ticket offers, it’s really rewarding to see how much of a difference better transport can make to people’s lives.

What are you working on now and what’s next?

My current role has shifted away from a specific sustainable travel focus, however working in a northern engagement and strategy team is really exciting as transport in the north is something I’m passionate about. Outside of work I try to practice what I preach and use public transport a lot – particularly as I’ve not had a car for a number of years now. I also try to walk any short trips (when the Manchester weather allows)!

What do you like about being on the Modeshift Board?

The people! It’s a real privilege to work with such passionate people who give up so much time to sit on the board. It’s great to be a part of Team Modeshift.

Explanation for the photo…

I was lucky enough to visit Chicago before the pandemic and the cycle routes there are amazing and so picturesque!

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