Seven people wearing high viz jackets, hats and gloves stand in a street lined by houses with school building in the background. Senior Leadership Team at Astrea Academy stand in a line by the closing of the School Street.

Sheffield Academy celebrates School Street closure 

Teachers and pupils at Astrea Academy Sheffield celebrated the implementation of their School Street closure this week. It comes after 16 months of hard work and the support of Modeshift Active Travel Ambassador Coordinator, Chris Pryor. 

Chris explains:  

‘The Astrea Secondary School site opened in September 2018 and from the beginning it had issues with heavy traffic. The Senior Leadership Team tried for a number of years to have something done about the safety concerns for students at peak times (during drop off and pick up). And, on hearing that Astrea had been in touch with Sheffield City Council, I arranged to meet with the Safeguarding Lead at the school.  

During the visit I saw there were no designated crossings or crossing patrols. Staff were forming a human barrier to provide pupils with somewhere to cross safely. Even with this, there were occasions when impatient drivers tried to mount the curb to manoeuvre past the teachers. 

It was clear that the school was in desperate need of something to be done so, I spoke with them about the possibility of School Streets. Together we drew up an action plan to gather evidence. One stipulation of Sheffield City Councill for a School Street closure is that the school is ModeshiftSTARS accredited. I’m thrilled to say this was achieved through the Modeshift Active Travel Ambassador programme. 

I’m proud to have played a pivotal part in providing a safe space for the pupils at Astrea Secondary and Primary.’ 

Child stands in closed School Street, back to the camera and wearing high viz jacket. Text on the jacket reads: 'Travel Ambassadors'.

‘Removing the road danger has been a game changer!’ Mina Year 10

‘The school entrance seems more peaceful; safety has improved, and it is easier to enter school.’ Ehsaan Year 10

Great TeamModeshift work too – with Modeshift Partner Doing R Bit installing the planter with integrated retractable barrier to close of the road.

About School Streets in Sheffield 

Sheffield City Council are trialing closing roads to traffic outside some Sheffield schools at the start and end of the school day. The roads outside these schools will be closed for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon from Monday to Friday during term time only. 

There will be marshals managing the road closures using appropriate barriers and signage. Residents of these streets will be able to apply for a permit to give them access during the closure times. 

These trials aim to help reduce congestion and improve air quality at the school gates, as well as making it easier and safer to walk or cycle to school. 

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