A significant upgrade has been launched this week for users of the Modeshift STARS Education system. The new feature enables any school in England (excluding London) to conduct a Travel to School survey without the need for schools to login to the STARS system. Every school now has a unique web URL that can be used to conduct travel surveys and input data for pupils and staff. The new survey links are secure, and only provide access for users to add survey data to the STARS system.

Local authority STARS Education licence holders will be able to access these unique survey links to distribute them to their schools, making the process of conducting school travel surveys far simpler and easier for all users of the STARS system. The links can be shared amongst school staff and class teachers for them to complete the survey without any need for the person to login to the STARS system.

Moving forward, this new feature will enable local authorities to request mode of travel data from all schools within your local authority, regardless of whether they are registered on Modeshift STARS. As such, the task of conducting local authority-wide school travel surveys will be possible by following just a few steps.

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