Modeshift interviewed partner Better Points, who offer the BetterPoints rewards programme which pays people to walk, cycle, use public transport and even to take cycle training, smoking cessation sessions, healthy eating classes or health walks.

What’s your best product or service and why? 

The BetterPoints rewards programme is our flagship product. Participants earn BetterPoints that can be spent at local businesses or donated to good causes wherever we work, so rewards budgets stay within the local economy and support the third sector and post-Covid recovery.  All modes of transport are detected by our unique auto-tracking app functionality and clients have access to a dashboard that visualises data in heatmaps, graphs and charts in real time throughout their programme. Clients love our useful, easy-to-access data and our friendly, dedicated Behaviour Change team.

What are you working on now and what’s next?

We’re currently developing an off-the-shelf programme for Local Authorities who want a low-cost, high-impact active travel programme. Look out for Bounce Back launching very soon. Up next is version 5.0 of our app, with new goal setting and leader-board functionality and improved accessibility standards so our programmes are as inclusive as possible.

What do you like about being a Modeshift Partner? 

We love being part of a friendly network of dedicated professionals who are working hard to tackle some of the biggest issues we face as a society. We’re really excited to work with members of the Modeshift family to help more people move around actively and sustainably. And of course we love the Convention!

How can we find out more?

Visit Better Points.

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