The Modeshift 2021 Convention was our largest to date, and for everyone that attended the event thank you for contributing to it’s success. We couldn’t have done it without your participation.

We celebrated the best in Active Travel with the National Sustainable Travel Awards and heard from some fantastic speakers, partners and members but most of all it was just great to be back together and share all the good work that you are doing.

Here are just a few of the messages we have received this week that we thought we would share with you:-

“As a new member of Modeshift Stars and also new to School Streets, I’ve been apprehensive about how to implement School Streets. Where do I start, what happens if things go wrong and what does success look like?  My nervousness about failing almost became my biggest stumbling block as I really love the program and want to deliver this across Tameside Schools and be a part of the future success.  The ability to talk to and listen to other authorities and understand that yes, it’s hard work, yes there will be some hiccups along the way, but most importantly this can and does work.  I saw the improvements being delivered as a direct result of School Streets being implemented and the positives that come from the schools taking part is a testament to that.  I know I can start taking those steps to introduce School Streets and that there is a support network of people around me who are willing to help, advise and  encourage me through that process.  I have come home with a renewed sense of I CAN DO THIS!!  My first week back, all my schools that I have contacted are eager to get started, I have dates in my diary, I’m building my plan and I’m excited to see where Tameside School Streets will be when I return to the Modeshift convention next year.”

Janine Sayers, Partnerships Officer Tameside MBC

“The convention was excellent and it was a great pleasure to present alongside so many amazing speakers”

Michael Oskys, Transport Planner Hackney Council


Modeshift Partner Love to Ride tweeted “Really valuing @Rob_bounds presentation what has sexual orientation and gender got to do with sustainable travel?”



I was curious to see what the “IT guy” was going to say as the closing presentation of the convention but was really impressed with James’s delivery and messages. I think its important to have “normal” people on a platform speaking up with this very important message. Many things resonated with how I feel, but he is doing more about it and had practical ideas of what to do in our everyday lives. I thought it worked well with Ross being open enough to let his carbon footprint analysis be used as it was before and after taking steps. He could have been embarrassed, but it was probably realistic with many people sat in that room.

One lasting thought James left me with was, not to worry about what you’ve done in the past to harm the planet, just start taking the steps to improve.

I left wanting to be “a little more James” and went on Sheffield’s COP26 march the next day and started looking at ways to improve our heating efficiency and continue to reduce our car use.

Rosie Frazer, STARS Officer PWLC Projects

Thank you again to everyone involved from Team Modeshift

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