As part of work around our Equality and Diversity action plan Modeshift recently attended the online launch of the Cycling Diversity Alliance.

It was an insightful, thought-provoking and motivating meeting with representatives from a range of organisations covering groups of different faith, ethnicity, ability, gender identity and sexual orientation.

A common theme was the shared passion for cycling – whether that be for sport, leisure or active travel. However, many of those attending the launch expressed the view that they felt their particular group needed to be established because their experience of how cycling is typically portrayed didn’t include them.

As part of discussions during the meeting ideas were shared as to how this collective of organisations could work together as role models, advocates and champions for greater inclusivity and participation in cycling from ‘minority’ groups. In fact it was recognised given there were over 50 delegates in attendance all these ‘minority’ groups actually form a significant majority and the combined voice of the Cycling Diversity Alliance could be powerful and influential one in bringing about positive change whereby everyone feels that cycling is for them.

Moving forward the Cycling Diversity Alliance will be pulling together an action plan which Modeshift is excited to be involved so that we can explore the opportunities for collaborative working to ensure we play our role in including everyone in our active travel cycling promotions and events.

We hope to bring you more news and information as things develop. In the meantime you can follow Cycling Diversity Alliance online and on their social media channels at:



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