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ATE-funded Immersive Cycle Training Project – Expressions of Interest

Bikability are seeking Training Providers to take part in the next phase of our Immersive Cycle Training project, funded by Active Travel England.

The aims of the project are to: (1) consolidate the knowledge and skills young riders acquire during their Bikeability Level 2 training and (2) enhance their attitudes towards cycling.

To achieve these aims, successful applicants will deliver in-person interactive training for Bikeability Level 2 graduates as they navigate a 15-20-minute virtual route whilst on a stationary bicycle. They will also collect data from each rider to illustrate changes in the rider’s knowledge & skills, and attitude towards cycling; how these are developed and assessed will be determined by the training provider in partnership with Dr Bishop.

Innovation and insight will be fundamental, but Bikability are keen to explore a variety of approaches across training providers, to determine what works best.

The Bikeability Trust will provide bespoke equipment and software, guidance on how to run the project, funding for instructor time, and support for data collection.

For more information and to complete the expression of interest visit: ATE-funded Immersive Cycle Training Project – Expressions of Interest Survey (

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