Kettering Mayor with gold star walking bus image

A Gold Star for first North Northamptonshire school to achieve the Modeshift STARS Gold award

A Gold Star themed walking bus accompanied by the new local Mayor marked a primary school’s achievement in gaining the Modeshift STARS Gold award.

Grange Primary Academy in Kettering are the first North Northamptonshire school to achieve the Gold award for their ongoing efforts promoting safe, active, sustainable travel with the school community. The school have been supported by Modeshift partners, Brightwayz social enterprise to help achieve this through funding from the local Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

Brightwayz founder Alison Holland said, “We wanted to mark the school’s Gold accreditation in a special way so helped the school organise this event. The gold star costume and headband boppers were a fun touch and we were privileged to also have our new Kettering Mayor Cllr Emily Fedorowycz join us and then present the award”.

Find out more about the event, the activities behind it and how Road Peace local ambassador PC Emilie Bundall also got involved on the Brightkidz website.

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