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£80 million funding delivered to improve and protect bus services

Funding will protect essential bus services and allow local authorities to make the improvements that would most benefit their communities.

Millions of people across England will benefit from lower fares, improved reliability and better bus services, as the government delivers a further £80 million to support buses into 2025.

Today (28 September 2023), Roads Minister Richard Holden confirmed allocations for 64 local authorities across England from the £80 million investment in the bus service improvement plan+ (BSIP+) for 2024 to 2025.

Local authorities can use the funding to improve local buses in several ways, such as by bringing in new services or routes, extending timetables through new morning or evening buses or making tickets cheaper through reduced fares for elderly or young people, depending on what will be most valuable in their local area.

The investment could also be used to protect hundreds of bus services with low passenger numbers so that people who rely on them for essential services can continue to access their local bus.

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