We are delighted to introduce our new Modeshift Partner Doing R Bit and share some of their amazing work.

Website:  www.doingrbit.co.uk

Contact number: 01472 841122

About us

Doing R Bit provide a range of sustainably sourced cycling, scooter, storage facilities and associated street furniture. The ‘R’ is the driver of Doing R Bit, which looks to Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle and Re-Balance their impact on the environment throughout all of their processes.

Our team have extensive experience and knowledge of implementing and delivering sustainable transport interventions for both the public and private sector. The Doing R Bit staff hold DBS certification. Our products and designs are built with a passion for doing r bit for the environment, enabling us to deliver bespoke sustainable products that meet requirements for future generations.

“Everything we do is focussed on reducing our impact on the environment. We play our part in supporting a sustainable future throughout the life cycle of our products and services.”

“We believe that introducing small but significant changes throughout our work can make a difference to that of the future generations that follow.”

What do you like about being a Modeshift Partner?

Simple – Team Modeshift! Doing R Bit means exactly that. We want to play our part in providing sustainable options for the future generations that follow. We are delighted to work with like minded individuals who really want to make a difference and support a sustainable future.

Fun Fact

Doing R Bit was established all because of one elastic band which was dropped (by mistake)  in the garden.

Following a lecture titled – “it takes years to biodegrade grandad” delivered by Dave Spencer’s 10 year old grandson, Doing R Bit was born.

Introductory offer – 10% discount for Modeshift members on their first purchase quote code – DRBMS/1

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