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With four Partners, 11 members of staff, and numerous skilled associates, PWLC undertake innovative projects across a range of areas including transport planning, public realm, transport-led regeneration, air quality and public health.

From pocket parks and individual travel planning projects – to design and implementation of high-profile public space regeneration schemes and food related behaviour change programmes, we deliver results that support and enable healthier and more sustainable communities.

Collectively the Partners have almost 50-years experience as local authority employees managing local, regional and national travel and transport programmes. We therefore understand the importance of cost effective, high quality, sustainable projects that meet the needs of your community, directly support your targets and expressly represent your organisations brand, ethos and working practices.

What do you like about being a Modeshift Partner?

Modeshift is such a modern action-based association, which has always enhanced the work of PWLC through provision of access to up-to-date information, best practice and a great network of partners and local authority members.

Fun fact

As well as educational and awareness raising interventions with a broad range of audiences, we also deliver pedestrian and scooter training because our staff were keen to get moving themselves and knew that delivery of this kind of active travel training would be fun for them as well as pupils.

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