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Website https://www.go-travel-solutions.com/

Email: robin.pointon@go-travel-solutions

About us

Bespoke consultancy services and products to promote and develop sustainable travel solutions for communities and workplaces.

It’s our clients who ultimately decide what is our best service and product. From the feedback we receive from them, they value our pragmatic and passionate approach to sustainable transport, providing products like LocalGo for communities and SmartGo for workplaces, with a strong customer focused ethos.

We have a travel planning tool in development. This will assist with personal travel planning and also for where there are demand clusters. In the latter scenario, the tool will help us identify potential and predicted levels of mode shift, helping ourselves, our clients and partners, develop smarter solutions.

New for Modeshift members

It is being part of a family where there are shared values and aims focused on promoting and developing sustainable travel solutions.

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