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Tell us what you offer? 

Love to Ride deliver effective behaviour change programmes, with year-round cycling encouragement and support for individuals, communities, workplaces, cities and regions.

Tried and tested with 570,000 people worldwide, including 132,000 ‘new riders’ in 12 countries, Love to Ride know how to get more people riding bikes.

What do you like about being a Modeshift Partner?

The truly grass-roots nature and organisational structure of Modeshift is a great fit for the sector and we have always got loads from their online and in-person events. As a member and regular sponsor of the Modeshift Awards, it’s great to see all the positive activity throughout our sector and to network with such great people from a massive range of organisations.

Fun Fact

Last year over 5.8 million bike rides were logged on Love to Ride…and we’re on course to beat that this year!

Any special Offers for Modeshift Members

Anyone anywhere can register on and take part at no cost to the individual.

Love to Ride hope to work more closely with Modeshift and their members to incentivise organisations and councils to take part in the Love to Ride cycling behaviour change programme and help get more people riding bikes and benefitting from being active.

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