For many of us the past 18 months has been both a mental and physical challenge, this has been highlighted in the media causing resources to be stretched as demand has increased to raise awareness and remove stigma.   It is important we keep this on our agendas and recognise the link between physical and mental health.  Exercise benefits us physically, research also demonstrates its considerable positive effect on our mental health. Being regularly active is shown to have a beneficial impact on alleviating stress. It can help manage stressful lifestyles and can help us make better decisions when under pressure.

We can also consider how being active benefits children:-

Did you know?

  • Children who are physically active on the way to school burn off some of their excess energy, and are more able to settle down and focus well in lessons
  • Walking to school encourages a higher level of physical activity throughout the rest of the day
  • Secondary or high school students are potentially more aware of road safety if their parents walked with them to primary school

Tell us if you have worked on any particular projects to support World Mental Health Day or if you did anything yourself?  We would love to hear from you and share some of your stories.

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