Modeshift Supporters, Wheels for Wellbeing have recruited two wonderful new Campaigns and Policy Officers to join their Campaigns and Policy team! Kate and Ben joined WfW this month as experienced Disabled cyclists and campaigners.

Kate, who lives in Derby with her husband and four children says, “I ride an e-tandem that’s covered in unicorns for most of my regular journeys – the only trouble is, it’s so awesome that other family members regularly want to borrow it! I’m working on designs for a wheelchair transport mount on its pannier rack. My interim wheelchair transport method is somewhat unsophisticated, involving a cake tin as a brace plus various kayak straps.”

Ben, like Kate, rides a standard two-wheeler and has also been innovating methods of transporting his mobility aids: “I was a wheelchair-user before I learned to cycle in my late twenties. I had imagined that my joint pain would mean I wouldn’t be able to use a normal cycle, but experience has proven otherwise – I think the fact that it isn’t weight-bearing is the key. I sometimes refer to a conventional cycle as an ‘inline wheelchair’, although I also use my inline wheelchair to tow a trailer in which I have my conventional wheelchair.”

Read the full story here: Meet our Two New Campaigns & Policy Officers: Kate and Ben (

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