The world’s biggest football campaign to tackle climate change takes place this weekend, 2 to 5 February.

Green Football Weekend, is an annual campaign that unites football enthusiasts of all levels, from professional clubs to Sunday league teams.

Like so many things, football is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, but it also holds incredible power to inspire and unite its fans to act. This year’s campaign is focussing on trying a tasty veggie meal.

This Green Football Weekend let’s all do our bit! 

The football community nationwide, from the Premier League to a Sunday kick-about, is uniting to celebrate the beautiful game and the beautiful world we play it in. Clubs are offering special deals on veggie food and asking fans to consider carpooling, walking, or cycling to their game for an eco-friendly journey.

Congratulations to Modeshift STARS – Stevenage Football Club

At Modeshift we’re thrilled to see more sports venues come on board with our Modeshift STARS scheme and proudly congratulate Stevenage Football Club on their recent ‘Approved’ Modeshift STARS Accreditation.

Well done to the team for taking steps to go greener. They are supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable and active travel for their matches. Have a great #GreenFootballWeekend

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