Modeshift National Convention

Thursday 23 and Friday 24 November, at York Racecourse. In the run up to this year’s Convention we’ll share a few snippets on what you can expect  …

We have a fantastic agenda with the theme ‘Evolutionary and Revolutionary approaches to sustainable travel’.

The Issue of Motornormativity – Day 1, Session 2.

Ian Walker stands with electric scooter

Professor Ian Walker

Professor Matthew Sawyer headshot image

Dr Matthew Sawyer

In this session we’ll be exploring ‘Car Brain’ the cultural blind spot that makes people apply double standards when they think driving. Professor Ian Walker, Professor and Head of School of Psychology, Swansea University and Dr Matthew Sawyer, Environmental Sustainability Consultant, SEE Sustainability will lead the session.


Professor Ian Walker: I’m really interested in making implicit things explicit, so we’ll be having a good think about the unconscious baggage that we all carry around and which might be affecting how we view transport – and what changes are possible.

Dr  Matthew Sawyer, who will contribute to the Revolutionary approaches to engaging Healthcare settings session too, will bring the statistics and findings to the discussion.

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