Transport for London (TfL) has published data from its annual Travel in London report, showing there has been a continued boom in walking and cycling in London, with levels of cycling remaining 40 per cent higher than levels seen before the pandemic.

The report shows that levels of cycling continue to exceed pre-pandemic levels, with cycling in autumn 2022 40 per cent higher than in 2019. Walking continues to be central to how many people travel in London, with levels still noticeably higher than before the pandemic. Around 35 per cent of journeys in London were made on foot before the pandemic. The latest quarter of available data, for April-September 2022, shows that the proportion of journeys made on foot is now 41 per cent, significantly above the pre-pandemic level.

Read the full story here – New TfL data shows continued boom in walking and cycling, with almost twice as many now living near a high-quality cycle route – Transport for London


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