Modeshift interviewed partner Brightwayz/Brightkidz to find out more about the products and information they provide to support active travel campaigns for all.

What’s your best product or service and why? 

Our Walking Bubble range, especially the Waking Bubble banner. It supports the Modeshift Walking Bubble campaign to create 5 minute walk zones outside schools and is proving a very successful collaborative product as it also gives Modeshift an additional income source.

What are you working on now and what’s next?

We are developing our Brightwayz range of products and website to support active travel initiatives in the workplace, hospitals, universities, leisure venues, high streets and development sites.  We are also developing some fun designs for our new off-the-shelf School Streets range which we hope to launch soon.

What do you like about being a Modeshift Partner? 

It is such a friendly community and full of people who share our passion for helping others to develop more active travel habits. We learn a lot so much about all the good practice out there and are able to find out more about our customers’ needs so we can help them with what is required.

How can we find out more?

Visit Brightwayz.

Visit Brightkidz.

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