Having steadily risen in popularity over recent years, e-bike sales in the past 18 months have rocketed across Europe, with the COVID-19 pandemic influencing changes in travel behaviour.  Many European countries have seen e-bike growth of between 30 and 40%, compared to single-digit growth in car sales.  Industry experts have predicted that this growth will continue with e-bike sales in Europe expected to increase from 3.7 million per year in 2019, to 17 million per year by 2030.  The UK has also witnessed this upward trend, although sales have
been low compared to its neighbours in continental Europe with e-bikes accounting for just 3% of bikes sold in 2019 compared to around 10 and 30% of sales in other European countries, including those with less of an established cycling culture.

This report, produced by consultants Steer for the Urban Transport Group, aims to quantify and understand the potential to increasing e-bike uptake in the UK, particularly in the city regions, and the benefits that could be realised as a result. It breaks new ground by presenting different scenarios on the potential for e-bikes to achieve mode shift from cars and taxis, and to deliver environmental and economic benefits.

The report also aims to support urban transport authorities to consider practical approaches to increasing e-bike uptake.

Read the full report here :- Fully charged: Powering up the potential of e-bikes in the city regions | URBAN TRANSPORT GROUP


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