Woman and child riding bikes away from the camera down a driveway towards redbrick house. Trees and grass line the path.

Diwali Active Travel Champion special

Every day people inspiring everyday journeys. A celebration of walking, wheeling and cycling

We caught up with Modeshift Active Travel Champion Pam Thindal during South East Asian Heritage month (September) and asked her some #TeamModeshift questions.

Pam, who lives in Derby, told us: ‘I used to ride my bike everywhere as a young girl and was always out and about with friends. I still own a bike but don’t ride it very often, but my youngest has more recently got me back out on my bike for local leisure rides. My goal is to be more confident on my bike as an adult, be less reliant on my car and share the joy of riding bikes with my children.’

How to champion the cause?

‘I think its really important to encourage people from all walks of life, ages and abilities to cycle for work, leisure or health. It’s important to appreciate different community groups may have certain barriers or attitudes to cycling which prevent them from have the confidence to cycle freely and safely.

Simple things such as cultural dress, the modesty of the side saddle position and the encouragement to use cycling for regular journeys such as to places of worship, can really help to promote cycling to all. Generational attitudes can vary amongst diverse groups so its important to consider these when working with younger and older groups.

On Diwali celebrations, Pam said ‘I love this article from Cycling UK in celebration of Diwali, there are some great tips in here for using your own bike to mark Dawli, especially the create your own rangoli.’

Where do roll or stroll?

‘I am fortunate enough to have a large driveway so can ride up and down there all afternoon with my kids. My daughter is still learning so this is a comfortable and safe space for her too.

My son enjoys riding further afield with his Dad, but I will happily ride around our local park with him and its great to see his confidence and enjoyment level so high!’

Thank you Pam, let us know if you have a go at the cycling inspired rangoli!

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