Final Call for Papers to submit your interest in presenting at the

National Modeshift Sustainable Travel Convention 2022

today Friday 24th June.


We are always striving for greatness here at Modeshift and it’s said that greatness takes time, so you won’t be surprised to hear that we are already underway with our grand plans for this year’s National Modeshift Convention.

Taking place for the final time at The Athena Conference Centre in Leicester on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th November, the Convention will focus on three key areas: planning & policy, delivering effective initiatives, and achieving outstanding outcomes.  We also have some exciting new additions to this year’s Convention, so make sure you keep a look out for updates over the coming months.

We already have an amazing agenda coming together with some great speakers and would like to invite you to join them on our national stage! We are looking for speakers to cover the following topics:

  • Planning & Policy – global, regional, and local approaches to building the case for, and developing sustainable and active travel schemes.
  • Delivering effective initiatives – taking action in Business, Education, and Community settings
  • Achieving outstanding outcomes – examples of programmes and initiatives that have achieved significant results when it comes to increasing levels of sustainable and active travel

If you are interested in presenting at the Modeshift Convention, please complete the following questions with as much detail as possible and send to  Friday 24th June.


  1. Which area do you feel your presentation best fits and why? 


  1. Presentation synopsis – please provide a proposed title and short summary of what you plan to cover:


  1. How long you will need i.e., 10 / 15 / 20 mins?


  1. Name of presenter/s and organisation/s:


  1. How will you present your work (PowerPoint, video etc)?:


We look forward to hearing from you!



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