Sherbern in Elmet Business Park Forum Meeting. Panel of speakers sit on stage including Modeshift STARS Business Program Manager Tom Murray

Modeshift supporting multi-occupier business parks through STARS Business

Modeshift were delighted to attend the Sherburn in Elmet Business Forum meeting back in October alongside representatives from North Yorkshire Council, Northern Rail, TransPennine Express and Arriva UK. An open discussion was held with a range of occupiers based upon the Sherburn in Elmet Business Park around how active and sustainable transport can be supported on the site and what monitoring and evaluation should be considered to support any future changes to public transport timetabling or enable occupiers to better track workplace travel trends.

The business park based in North Yorkshire is one a of several multi-occupier sites Modeshift is currently looking to support through the national travel plan accreditation scheme: Modeshift STARS Business to find out more about the scheme email

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