Modeshift goodbye from Martin Day

At the end of this month, Modeshift says goodbye to one of its longest serving members, Martin Day, London borough of Havering. Martin was awarded honorary member status in 2020 and wanted to send a message to the many Modeshift members and London borough staff he has met over the years.

Dear Modeshift Members,

Nearly 17 years ago I started work at Havering Council on something called School Travel Plans, up until the summer of 2006 and just before my interview I had no idea what they were. The then Mayor of London wanted every school in London to have one of those by 2008 apparently. It was recognised by Government that something needed fixing especially around the school gates. Big ask I thought but off we went to get it done. At the time many others in London Boroughs were, like me, trying to find a way to get it done. It was only as you got into it more that we realised collectively how worthwhile this ask was.

Loads of people travel, and to schools in particular, at least twice a day, generally at the same time, not great is it in terms of congesting the roads, air pollution, less active people etc. I was amazed to see though that with a collective will how that could be changed. The kids got it, parents got it, and the teachers got it. We changed things back then and ever since.

The work that people do in Modeshift and public service up and down the UK to make sustainable travel the vital piece of the jigsaw it has to be to improve wherever we live and to improve things around schools, businesses, hospitals, city centres is so very important. Its vital that work continues with the same vigour it always has and as someone who did my small bit (and enjoyed it so much) I wish all of you every strength to carry on the great things you do for the betterment of so many who can’t always effect change on their own.

Martin Day

Martin will leave Havering Council at the end of the month and we wish him all the best



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