CONGRATULATIONS to Sue O’Brien who has been recognised as one of our highly esteemed Team Modeshift Honorary Members for her outstanding contribution to the promotion of safe, active, and sustainable travel.




Find out more about Sue and her Modeshift STARS story:-

Place of work:

Hertfordshire County Council

What is your role within your organisation?

Modeshift STARS Lead Officer

How long have you been working in this industry?

14 very happy years

When did your Team Modeshift journey begin?

5 years ago, and totally hooked since then

Why do you believe it is important to promote active and sustainable travel?

How long have you got ….? apart from the environmental impacts and protecting our precious planet for our future generations. The health and wellbeing that can be gained form active travel can not be underestimated. Through active and sustainable travel, we can continue to work towards Vision Zero

What’s next, how do you plan on getting there, and by when?

Keep doing the day job! managing and supporting my team of officers to promote the benefits of a Modeshift STARS Travel Plan and encouraging schools to join the Team Modeshift community. By when? There is no end date, there will never be an end. Our work will never be done. The threat of a climate crisis will always be present in one form or another. Informing people of all ages on the benefits of active and sustainable travel will always be necessary.



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