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Online guide offers advice on transport, data and EV charging

A new manual to provide guidance to support local authorities in implementing technology that supports traffic management and the operation of streets has been launched.

The Manual for Smart Streets has been produced by the Transport Technology Forum (TTF) and Connected Places Catapult and was launched at the TTF Conference in Leeds.

The online resource includes use cases on how traffic signals will develop to connect to vehicles into the future and how new sources of data can link into implementing other services in the local authority. It also provides recommendations around cyber security.

The Manual for Smart Streets is based on the success of the Manual for Streets which, in the 15 years since its publication, has become an essential document for anyone delivering a local road network. It is hoped that the Manual for Smart Streets will become a sister resource to the earlier report.

The manual was written by Daniel Hobbs, principal technologist at the Connected Places Catapult. “The manual will help local authorities understand the equipment and new technologies that are out there,” said Hobbs.

“It contains evidence about solutions that have been implemented, evidence that they work so that business cases can be written based on knowledge that the new technology is proven.”

The Manual for Smart Streets is on the TTF website:

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