Yesterday, Rob Bounds from Derbyshire County Council visited Ladywood Primary School to present them with their National Modeshift STARS award for excellence in walking which he accepted on their behalf at the Modeshift Annual Convention earlier this month.

To celebrate the occasion pupils (along with staff and some parents) made the journey to school and completed the daily mile in their silly shoes – an array of mixed matched footwear, wacky wellies and sparkly shoes!

After that, Rob meet with the Smart School Council to find out more about this scheme which uses digital tools to involve every pupil in decision-making, social action and developing key skills for life. The question was posed – ‘how can we encourage people to continue to travel sustainably through the winter?’ – watch this space for their ideas!

And finally, Rob presented the school with their award – doing his best impression of Histrionics Dave, minus the top hat and tails, to recreate the moment Ladywood Primary School were announced as the winners of the Excellence in Walking award for the a mile in my shoes project – an accolade which the school is super proud to receive!

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