Illustration of a robot. Text reads: SAME Schools Air Quality Monitoring for Health and Education

FREE SAMHE air quality monitor

Schools have until 31 May to register to receive a FREE SAMHE monitor.

Every school that registers receives a free monitor and access to air quality activities via the SAMHE portal. Initiatives contribute to Modeshift STARS accreditation.


SAMHE (pronounced ‘Sammy’!) is an exciting new project designed WITH and FOR schools. It involves scientists from 6 institutions across the UK and is supported by DfE.

Poor air quality impacts pupils’ health and concentration, affecting attendance and attainment. SAMHE will provide evidence for better national policies and practice. But more than that, it enables pupils to interact with real world data about their environment and gives them agency to take informed action.

If you work or study at a UK school (excluding early years-only schools), you can get involved! This page explains what being involved could look like for your school. (Note – the final date to register to receive a SAMHE monitor is 31 May 2024).

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