Go Travel Solutions Webinar image. - Upcoming Webinar: Electrify Your Employee Benefits
Our partners at Go Travel Solutions are hosting a webiner – Electrify Your Employee Benefits: How to Implement an Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice Scheme, on Wednesday 31st May 2023, from 11am – 11:45am

Join SmartGo’s webinar on Wednesday 31st May 2023, where you’ll discover how your organisation can benefit from offering an electric vehicle (EV) salary sacrifice scheme to your staff.

Delivered by SmartGO, in partnership with The Electric Car Scheme, this webinar will showcase how employees can lease an EV through their employer and save between 30%-60% of costs whilst lowering their own carbon footprint.

As well as an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability it also allows you to provide your employees with a cost-effective route to zero-emission car ownership. What’s more, as a SmartGO member, your employees can receive an additional 2% cashback!

During the webinar, you’ll hear from Phil Saunders, SmartGO Project Manager, and Hugo Gregory, Business Development Executive at The Electric Car Scheme. Together they will explore the business case for an EV salary sacrifice scheme, explain how they operate and discuss how organisations can benefit.

For more information and to register visit SmartGo.

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