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Modeshift STARS Summer Accreditation Success

The Modeshift STARS schemes have seen record numbers of sites achieving accreditation this summer and over the course of the 2021/22 accreditation year.

A massive 1,785 accreditation applications have been approved between September 2021 and August 2022. The previous record over this period was 853 sites.

It was also a record summer, with 852 STARS accreditation applications being approved, the previous record being 445.

We have seen a huge increase in Excellent and Outstanding accreditations demonstrating the continued commitment from our members to go the extra mile to achieve these results. There has been a 145% increase on those awarded ‘Excellent Travel Plan’ status, and an increase of over 110% achieving ‘Outstanding Travel Plans’ compared to the same period last year!

Particular congratulations to Midlands Art Centre, Great Western Hospital, and Brightwayz who all achieved ‘Very Good Travel Plan’ STARS Business accreditation; and to Forest Park School in Hampshire who have achieved STARS Education ‘Outstanding Travel Plan’ accreditation, the first SEND School to achieve this status!



1,555 sites across England currently hold a level of Modeshift STARS accreditation. A breakdown of these figures is provided below:

STARS Education accreditation:

  • Outstanding Travel Plan – 51 sites
  • Excellent Travel Plan – 66 sites
  • Very Good Travel Plan – 75 sites
  • Good Travel Plan – 450 sites
  • Approved Travel Plan – 221 sites


STARS Business accreditation:

  • Excellent Travel Plan – 4 sites
  • Very Good Travel Plan – 23 sites
  • Good Travel Plan – 547 sites
  • Approved Travel Plan –  77 sites


STARS Residential accreditation:

  • Good Travel Plan – 27 sites
  • Approved Travel Plan – 14 sites


Keep up the brilliant work and we look forward to the next round!

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