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All Modeshift and Act TravelWise Members are invited to join us on the 26th of April at 12:00pm for the first Act TravelWise Webinar of the 2022/23 Membership year.

Modeshift is welcoming new members across the country to help share best practice and raise the profile of sustainable travel. Ross and the Modeshift Delivery Team will highlight current and upcoming opportunities for sustainable travel professionals to grow levels of sustainable travel within the UK. The presentation will cover Modeshift’s and Act TravelWises range of services, how to get involved, and what is planned for the future of sustainable travel including future initiatives. This includes more details of the new Active Travel Academies programme, plans to create a national accreditation scheme for venues, and to welcome ideas for TravelWise / European Mobility week in September.

To secure your place click on the link to book :- Act TravelWise & Modeshift in 2022 Tickets, Tue 26 Apr 2022 at 12:00 | Eventbrite

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