School students in uniform hold a large Modeshift STARS Banner. The group of eight stand beside bicycle shelter, two pose with bikes

Active Travel Ambassadors campaign for road closure

Pupils at The Castle School in Thornbury have campaigned to take action for the environment and safety by arranging a temporary road closure during school drop off and collection times for one week, so pupils have to walk or cycle instead.

Park Road will be closed to vehicles during the morning and afternoon school run from Monday 24 June for one week – to encourage active travel methods such as walking, cycling or park and striding from a short distance away.

The aim of the campaign, run with Modeshift and with support from South Gloucestershire Council’s road safety and sustainable travel team, is to improve local air quality and make journeys to school easier and safer.

The school has been a part of the Active Travel Ambassadors (ATA) programme since last year, provided by Modeshift in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council.

The action from the school’s Active Travel Ambassadors team hopes to send out a clear message to cut down the use of private car for journeys to school. Other aims are:-

  • Cut down road danger from traffic
  • Cut down anti-social behaviour from inconsiderate parking and dangerous manoeuvres
  • Boost walking, cycling and active lifestyles for students
  • Reduce congestion and pollution from vehicles waiting with their engines running.

Our ATA programme provides young people aged 11 upwards with the confidence and skills to address transport issues affecting their school community. With support from an ATA Coordinator and school staff, ATA teams research and develop behaviour change campaigns, focusing on active travel and road safety.

The Castle School promotes and encourages active and sustainable travel to and from school and has achieved Modeshift STARS Excellent accreditation.

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