Keith Woodward

Position: Active Travel Ambassador Coordinator (East of England)

Year joined Modeshift: 2022

Career history:

After completing a degree in Environmental Biology at Aberystwyth University on the coast of Wales, I worked in the retail sector for many years before becoming a KS2 primary school teacher for ten years.  I enjoy working in schools helping to inspire and educate pupils, especially the importance of caring for the World we live in.

Why did you join Team Modeshift?  

I believe working for a company that helps make a difference to people’s lives is so important.  I was impressed with Modeshift’s values and commitment to sustainable transport.

Outside of Modeshift:

I have always had an appreciation for the environment and the beautiful country we live in.  I enjoy an active lifestyle including: playing golf, kayaking, cycling, walking and meeting up with friends.

I kayak on the sea at Felixstowe, the estuary of the river Orwell and the river Stour, through ‘Constable Country’ and on the sea in Devon and Cornwall on holidays.

I have had an allotment for 2 years now which I go to on weekends and evenings with my wife, she grows the plants, I dig, build sheds, greenhouses and fill the watering can.  Perfect teamwork!

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