The Uk’s annual sitting survey found 47% of office workers spent nearly their whole working day sedentary up more than a quarter pre pandemic. Many are planning a return to the office and others are still working remotely there is the question that we are not being as active as were in the initial stages of the pandemic.

Fresh air and exercise are vital for well-being. Being active can help to relieve stress and have a positive impact on depression and anxiety. However, working from home can reduce activity levels and staff are often more sedentary when compared to working on-site.

Whether you schedule exercise at the start or the end of the working day or manage to take a lunchtime walk is totally your choice but this really helps create time to maintain positive mental and physical health and process the events of the day and unwind.

Setting reminders or alerts can help to provide cues to get up, stretch and walk around when working from home. In addition, consideration could be given to using the time saved by not commuting to go out for a walk, bike ride, run or complete an exercise class.

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