This report looks at how Gamification is a promising method for encouraging less car use in urban areas.

In England, only 37% of adults aged 16 or over travel actively (walk, cycle, scoot or wheel to get from place to place) at least twice a month. We need to find exciting ways to encourage more people to travel actively for the sake of population and planetary health.

Active travel can help reduce congestion, air pollution and climate change. However, in the UK – as in many countries across the world – travelling by car remains the dominant social norm.

This research shows that gamification – offering points, badges, prizes or spots on a leader board in exchange for participating in specific, non game-related activities – can encourage people to travel actively to school or work.

To test this, the London borough of Hounslow trialled a gamification initiative called Beat the Street to see whether it could encourage people to travel actively.

Read the full article here:-

We transformed a London borough into a game to get fewer people travelling by car -here’s what happened (


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