Tom’s top hints and tips for Business!


Modeshift STARS Business Specialist Tom Murray shares his expertise to help develop Travel Plans

  • When you first start to populate the information required to develop a Modeshift STARS Travel Plan make sure to utilise the “business initiatives” resource available so that you can baseline what you may have already delivered, plan to deliver or generate new ideas for engagement in the future.
  • While your Working Group may start small it is important to identify from the start who you wish to become part of the group and key areas of the organisation you wish to influence with the Travel Plan. For example look to engage with a Facilities Manager and/or Sustainability Champion perhaps.
  • If you represent a group of sites (perhaps a part of a higher education setting or NHS Trust) try to represent as many individual sites as you can under their own Modeshift STARS scheme to generate a unique Travel Plan and identify the specific travel behaviour challenges individually. This can seem daunting when you start out, but once you have created all the necessary sites you can choose to focus on select number at each accreditation window with the aim of progressing all throughout the year.

More case studies will be added to the website soon which may help you on your STARS journey!


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