This year’s theme is “Sustainable and Active Travel: Planning, Delivery, Partnerships and Inclusivity”. Our two day Convention will bring together industry professionals from a range of sectors to showcase and share best practice. Modeshift will present a range of speakers from leading organisations who are at the forefront of sustainable and active travel promotion.

Sesssion Six:

Delegates are invited to attend one of two specific sessions.

Option 1: School Streets Revisited

Since our first presentation session in 2017 and a roll-out of training nationwide, schools’ streets are back by popular demand. This session will build on national best practice and lessons learned to help more councils and organisations get Schools Streets implemented. Review and evaluation of 14 school Streets in the City of Leeds and the next steps to make these schemes permanent. We hear from Westminster’s Active Travel Officer about their successful Active Street Programme.

Option 2: Planning and delivering for sustainable travel 

This session will focus on planning and delivering for sustainable travel

We hear from Transport in Solent on their £29m grant from the DfT to implement innovative future transport solutions around personal mobility and freight movements new approaches on mobility

We hear from Cyclepods on solutions for public and residential cycle parking covering preservation, reclaiming road space, accessibility, technology and crime prevention

Go Travel Solutions proposes a discussion on Travel Plans – the format of TPs: what are we using them for, who are we writing them for, how do we ensure that they are a force for positive behaviour change and not just an exercise for achieving planning permissions.

Session Seven:

Travel Demand Management Support Programme 2020-21 hosted by Mott Macdonald

In 2020, Mott MacDonald was appointed as a strategic TDM advisor to the Department for Transport and provided TDM support to English local authorities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to help to get pupils back to education, within the constraints of reduced public transport capacity.  The programme was then extended to enable support to be provided for return of commuter and leisure trips as COVID restrictions eased. This session will welcome three presentations on TDM activity from the pandemic.

Session Eight:

Planning for a Sustainable Future

Our final session will see three key note presentations on the national, local and personal actions taken to create a more sustainable future. Hosted by Ross Butcher and Nick Butler of Modeshift.

We also hear from Bikeabiity Trust, DFT and our very own Sustainable Living Enthusiast James Hardie.


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