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2023 was a huge year for our friends Go Jauntly and we’re proud to share their latest  GM Ringway feature on ITV News. 

A new walking trail that uses your phone as a guide has launched in Greater Manchester.

The GM Ringway is 20 stages over 200 miles that are all connected by public transport, you can join them straight from a train station, tram stop or bus stop.

In order to access the walks, users can download Go Jauntly which is a free app that shows them where all the trails are and just how they can be accessed, designed to appeal to all.

The app also includes ten shorter GM Ringway ’Short Adventures’, one for each borough, including several step-free routes, enabling everyone to sample the trail.

‘I’m not a great map reader, and I think there are quite a few people like me. So what we wanted to do was break down the barriers to walking, so you can preview if it’s muddy, steep or if there’s toilets en route to really help make walking as easy as possible,’ said Hana Sutch, CEO and Co-Founder of Go Jauntly.

This hopes to encourage more people to walk and be more active across the borough.

Go Janutly!

Go Jauntly also had FIVE ‘App of the Day’ features on Apple’s App Store which accompanied some excellent press

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