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Hi there, I hope this message finds you well.

I have a few queries regarding School Streets and ANPR camera enforcement, which we at Oxfordshire County Council are seeking to implement by the end of the year. If your authority is using them, or is planning to, I would love to have a chat about it so we can compare notes about how it is being run, how it’s funded, costs, the pros, and cons etc.

In particular, I would lo to hear how the ANPR cameras operate where you are. My team and I were under the impression that the process was mostly automatic, and that the cameras read the vehicle’s number plate and check it against a database of permitted vehicles (whitelisted, exempt depending on what terminology you are using etc.) and that a person was only needed to review the footage if a challenge is made to an automatically generated Penalty Charge Notice.

Yesterday we were informed that a person needs to review every clip generated by every vehicle that enters the School Street during operational hours and check it manually if it is permitted/exempt/whitelisted. Clearly this is a major difference and would have a significant implication on the costs and scalability of the ANPR School Streets initiative in general. Is this the same where you are? If not, may I ask how yours differs and what cameras you are using, what provider, what software etc.?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated

Many thanks in advance,

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